Hi I'm Kata! You may also know me as Katamism or weiyi_swy. I make apparel, plushies, art and other cool merch! I hope you have a nice day!

weiyi_swy commissions terms of service

Hello and thank you for wanting to commission me!! Please read through all the following information before continuing!
If you have any questions or concerns you can reach me through email at [email protected] or through twitter DMs and I will reply as promptly as possible!
Prices are subject to change depending on complexity of character design and/or pose/extra weapons/effects/other characters/complexity of added bg etc. Overall, I generally simplify things and my style fluctuates depending on what I draw so please be aware of this when you order! If you have a specific piece you'd like me to reference when working on your commission, please let me know! There is no discount for added characters, please multiply the base price by the total number of characters! And please provide clear character reference sheets ! The more, the better! If you are having difficulty calculating the potential price of your commission, please contact me!
- OCs (includes WoLs/Tavs/etc.)
- Ships (OC/OC, OC/NPC, etc.)
- Fanart
- Furries/anthros/animals
- NSFW (softcore/hardcore, any gender, any sexuality, most kinks ok!)
- mecha
- bugs
- gore (some blood ok!)
- horror/body horror
- realism
Full payment is required before I begin drawing your order.
After payment is received, a rough sketch will be sent for approval before completion. Changes and/or edits will only be allowed at this stage. All major changes that are requested after the initial rough sketch check will not be accepted.
Small revisions are allowed once I am completed your piece free of charge as long as they are something I missed in the references given. If I deem the revision too big, it may require an extra cost.
I will try my best to finish everything promptly, however there may be delays up to a few weeks to a few months depending on how busy I am and my mental health. Please be patient!
If your order is a rush job, please let me know in advance and I'll see if I can manage it; there may also be added fees!
I am always happy to provide updates for you, whether nothing has changed or not. Please contact me with any concerns, big or small!
You will receive a .png of the final commission. Please ask if you want a bigger saved size version as well!
All commissions are to be used ONLY for personal and non-commercial use. If being used for icons or headers, please credit me in some way that links directly back to me!
My art is never to be minted as an NFT (Non Fungible Token) or used in anything related to AI training or blockchain technology. You cannot use my art as promotion of these technologies.
I retain the rights to use all artwork I create for commissions however I want. If it has to do with printing multiple copies for store or con purposes, I will contact you to ask if you are comfortable with it first!
If you are interested in commissioning me for any type of merchandise, there may be extra costs depending on complexity of design, added parts, difficulty of pose/interaction, shipping and handling, etc.
Refunds will only be given if I have not begun drawing or under extenuating circumstances where I am unable to finish your commission.
I will contact you through twitter or discord DMs if I accept your commission! Once we solidify and confirm details of the commission, I will email you a copy of the details of the commission so that there is an easily found log of what we have decided!
Thank you!

weiyi_swy commission prices


40 USD / 700K G- details will be simplified
- multiply multiple characters by base price
- solid colour background

Simple Bust

70 USD / 30M G- details will be simplified
- multiply multiple characters by base price
- solid colour background

Rendered Bust

90 USD / 70M G- can include lighting, mood and a simple background

Rendered Halfbody

100 USD / 150M G- can include lighting, mood and a simple background

Simple Fullbody

115 USD / 180M G- details will be simplified
- multiply multiple characters by base price
- solid colour background

Rendered Fullbody

200 USD / 300M G- can include lighting, mood and a non complex background